Double Eyelids

Natural and Beautiful Double Eyelids


Why Double Eyelid?

Though we are born with naturally obtained genetic appearances, modern science has given a chance to change the way we look. Changing ones appearance by changing their body parts is completely at liberty and will of individual. There are many reasons why an individual request for such type of surgeries that changes their look, like the creation of a ‘double eyelid’. We have evidences since ancient time that both women and men are keen at their beauty, or at least the beauty what they believe in is a real beauty. We all does make-up while going out to parties, public places etc., when there is a chance to permanent make-up? Well, we know the answer!

It is estimated that people from Japan, Korea and China are naturally of the “single-eyelid” configuration, whereas for the Chinese population, prevalence is closer to 50:50, while other Japan and Korea estimate is more than 70%. Singapore is a place of “unity in diversity” where people migrated from Japan, Korea, China, India etc., This is the major reason why in Singapore people are attracted towards the Double Eyelid surgeries.

Single Eyelid

Some of us are born with a Single Eyelid appearance but like and prefer the features of a double eyelid. A change from single eyelid to double eyelid can result in having:

Attractive eyes – Having more depth and definition, it will attract more attention

Bigger eyes – An increased in aperture of the eyes can give it a brighter look



Most gentlemen usually request for subtle double eyelids so as to define the eyes while making it bigger and brighter

men bigger





Unequal Eyelids with different heights

Although we do not have perfect body symmetry, an obvious difference in height of the eyelids can ‘spoil’ the natural beauty of the face. Correcting unequal eyelids can improve and enhance the appearance of the double eyelids and face.

one side bigger





Asymmetry : Absence of one double eyelid

absent one side





Eyes with Very Low or Hidden Double Eyelid fold

It is not uncommon to have very low double eyelid folds or what some may term as ‘Hidden Double Eyelid’. While some may like the subtleness, others may prefer to have more obvious and attractive double eyelids


Droopy Eyes appearance

Correcting ‘Droopy eyes‘ appearance – Excess skin can be reduced so that you look more alert


Eyelids with Multiple or Faint Creases

Due to the effects of gravity and skin laxity, faint or multiple eyelid crease can formed over time. Creating double eyelids can remove the redundant creases with subsequent better definition of the eyes


For a specialist surgeon of Double Eyelid in Singapore, contact us or click on any of the above links. After visiting a surgeon in Singapore, you may ask for a detailed counselling if you have more concerns on the surgery etc., In most cases, Double eyelid surgeries will be successfully competed in few days, and very minimal side effects.

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